Hello, and welcome!

Welcome to my little corner of the web. Here you can find out a few things about me - where I came from, where I've been, what I like, and whatever else I decide to add in here.

I originally created this site when the internet was still rather young, as a way for people that I'd lost touch with to be able to find me. The site has gone through long periods of neglect and being ignored since then, but it still serves its purpose, so I've left it up.

In 2006, I got to looking at it and decided that it was high time for a new layout. Nothing fancy, just something a bit easier to navigate. I've dropped some things, added a few others, and generally tried to keep it simple.

If you were looking for me - you've found me, *grin*. And if you weren't - well, maybe there is something else here you were looking for and I just happened to have it. Either way, I hope you enjoy your visit!

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