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This page was prompted by the number of people who complained to me about what a hard time they had finding me in the cyberworld. I'll try to include past and present info, what I like to do, and stuff like that.

If you're curious about the image on this page, it is from a seascape painted by Roy Gonzales Tabora. I own three of his lithographs (including this one), would love to own the oils they came from, but don't (and probably never will!) have that kind of cash.

I have been fortunate enough to view some of his original oils, and they have a life and beauty that this scanned image just doesn't do justice to. Looking at a Tabora will leave you with two major impressions...one is that the painting is actually in motion, and two that it is lighted from within.

The first time I saw Tabora's work, in Hawaii, I was certain that the gallery was using trick lighting, because it seemed that the painting had light coming OUT of it, and I was convinced that they had concealed a light behind it, to shine through it. Of course, this wasn't the case...Tabora is just that talented, and I have never seen anything else like it.

In other news - this site is ancient. I'm working on a new one (you can get a sneak peek at it here), but for now enjoy what's here and realize that most of it was done almost a decade ago. :)

Also, if you are coming in from a Yahoo search, for some reason they've never updated the links for this site when Tripod changed the format, so it causes the pictures to not appear. So if you've come in from Yahoo and can't see any pictures on this page, click here to get the correct link to navigate the site with.

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