So, who am I, anyway ?!

A traveler of both inner journeys, and outer. A voracious reader, and sometime writer. Student and teacher of electronics, both in the Navy and out of it. A loner who enjoys good company at the right time or place. And many other things besides.

I've taken out most of the info and links from here, but I'm leaving the page up for a few things that don't really lend themselves well to Facebook's format, such as:

Hurricane Ivan story.

What I (did) in the Navy

A 70's music quiz that I wrote way back when the internet was young... :)

Oh, the places you'll go !

Some places I've been...

Diego Garcia
Cocos/Keeling Island
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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I'll leave you with a taste of Hawaii...this photo is of Akaka Falls, on the Big Island of Hawaii.